Student Film Festival

The 2016 Student Film Festival/Contest Results

Congratulations to all the students who qualified for the finals!


  • First Place:  Team Leader: Graham Burrell, School: Parkland High School; Film Title: Bubbles the Clown
  • Second Place: Team Leader: Harley Bender; Team: Austin Boyko, Anthony Christiano, Hannah Flaven, Katherine Hartzell, Lane Markovics, Sally Wallace, School: Northampton Area High School; Film Title: It started on any given day


  • First Place:  Tessa Fritz; Team: Josh Fritz, Sydnie Howard, School: Lower Macungie Middle School; Film Title: Forgotten
  • Second Place:  Maeve Yanes; Team: Brian Merk, Danny Merk, Jackson Merk, Ryan Merlo, Ciara Esteves; School:  Lower Macungie Middle School; Film Title: Watch your step

Best Of Awards:

  • Best Editing, film direction and acting:  Team Leader: Jackson Bernhard Team: Daniel VanParys, Gavin Boone, Harrison Bernhard, Jason Woolley,Isaac Bredbenner School:  Northwestern Lehigh High School; Film Title:  Heaven's Gate
  • Creativity and Originality:  Kate Manning, Kerry Harper School:  Henry Hudson Regional School; Film Title:  Coexhisting
  • Best Story Telling:  Mary Dalton, Lynsey Reynard, Maggie Gareca School:  Parkland High School; Film Title:  Homecoming/What Are Friends for!

Special Awards:

  • Best improvisation of a product:  Maya Schlesinger - Team: Johanna Dam Matt Ninesling; School:  Emmaus High School; Film Title:  Raman Noodles/Noodle Experiment
  • The Rick Baker Award for best creature creation:  Kenzie Cichocki - Team: Kayla Cichocki; School:  Lower Macungie Middle School; Film Title:  Carnivores plants/Man eating Monster Plant




  • Maya Schlesinger, EHS, Raman Noodles/Noodle Experiment
  • Anika Stetz, EHS, Mood Ring/Two Left

  • Jada Reid, LV Charter HS for the Arts, Dystopian Society/Close the door

  • Christian Smith , Henry Hudson Regional School, Amnesia/Paper Cut

  • Kate Manning/Kerry Harper, Henry Hudson Regional School, Parallel universe /Coexhisting

  • Harley Bender, Northampton Area HS, Fear of Girls/It started on any given day

  • Jackson Bernhard, Northwestern Lehigh HS, Heaven’s Gate

  • Mary Dalton, Pakland HS, Homecoming/What Are Friends for

  • Graham Burrell, Parkland HS, Clowns/Bubbles the clown

  • Summer Thompson, Quakertown HS, Duct Tape/ Caught on Tape

  • Melissa Stough, Southern Lehigh HS, Armaggedon/Another Chance

  • Ryan Zimmerman, Emmaus High, Selenophobia/ Nightfall

  • Rachael Scott, Home Schooled, Carnivorous Plants/ The Harvest

  • Christopher Hippensteel, Northwestern Lehigh, It was only a dream/Short Horror Film

  • Nick Andronis, EHS, Virtual World

  • Victoria Pstragowski, Lehigh Valley Charter Arts, Corrupted

  • Michael Lacobelli, Eyer MS, Ice Cream Man/Ice Cream man

  • Gwen Simons,  Sara Bonaventura, Eyer MS, Parallel Universe/The Switch

  • Tessa Fritz, LMMS, Amnesia/Forgotten

  • Zoe Elston, LMMS, Geeks/Scream heard around the world

  • Joe Williams, LMMS, X Marks the Spot/Quest for the lost X

  • Rachel Mahoney, LMMS, Time Travel/Eternal

  • Maeve Yanes, LMMS, Reanimation/Watch your step

  • Kenzie Cichocki , LMMS, Carnivores plants/Man eating Monster Plant

ONLINE FORMS (both must be completed) Please mail or bring these with you to the kickoff meeting. Mail them to Emmaus Arts, 28 South 4th St, Emmaus, PA 18049 

Rules and Regulations  | Registration Sheet  | Required Lines/Rules and Upload Information! 


  • Students report to the kickoff meeting on October 6th at Emmaus High School cafeteria, 800 Pine St, Emmaus, PA 18049, please use the side entrance (THIS  IS NOT MANDATORY) (If you cannot attend the kickoff you must notify us by email that you want to participate in the film festival. Please include your name and school.)
  • The cost to participate is $10 per team( non-refundable). (A team may consist of as many members as you like)
  • The October 6th kickoff includes film tips and tricks, and contest rules.
  • Genre - Scary/Suspenseful/Funny/Drama. This is open to your interpretation of the theme. 
  • RULES! At the kickoff, each team selects 2 themes of which you pick 1, that your films MUST be developed around. For example you choose “Witches” then your film must be based on witches. Those unable to attend the kickoff, will be given a theme and it will be emailed to the team leader. You then receive a copy of the 2016 Outline. If you are unable to attend the kick-off on October 6th ,these rules will be posted that evening on October 6thWe will assign YOU a theme.
  • You then have 120 hours to create, shoot and edit a final film. Finla films are due, uploaded to a server by October 11th at 6:00 pm
  • Participation is that simple!
  • Can't attend the kickoff meeting? No problem, contact us and we will send you the outline and a theme for you to use in your film. Please make sure you provide us with your name and school! 
  • Uploading - you will have instruction on how to upload your film however NOTE - you must use Chrome or Firefox, Safari had some issues last year. If you have a dropbox account you may use that and share it with us.

ONLINE FORMS (both must be completed) 

Rules and Regulations  | Registration Sheet 


Listed below are some websites that offer royalty free music and SFXs for download. Most of the websites ask for a mention in the credits, so the students should review the terms of the license agreement on the websites they use.



Music and SFX


Congratulations to all the students who competed in the 2015 Student Film Festival.

High School Finalists (scores)

Jake Walbert/Margaret Durian, Andrew Gigler, Connor Haas, Jackson Bernhard, Zach Colangelo/Margaret Durian, Summer Thompson, Casey Laudadio, Kevin Esslinger, Melissa Stough, Seth Rosenthal, Christian Smith, Kelley Trinidad, Laura Vigliotti

Middle School Finalists (scores)

Rhys Williams, Klay Koehleer, Rachel Scott, Tea van Linde, Madison Mauro, Ari Bowman, Luke Wilson, Tessa Fritz, Taylor Harrington, David Heiser Jr, Emily Stough, Matt Ninesling, Luke Bonenberger

Note: If you submitted a film and did not make the finals, your film will be shown in a montage during the festival.


The 2014 Festival results.

We would like to thank the parents, students and teachers who supported our event. Special thank you to Clark Media for sponsoring our event. Also thank you to all the companies who donated prizes for the students such as: Just Born, Joes Pizza, Causeway Films, Weis Markets and Fever Dreams.

2014 Award Winners

High School (Final Scores)

1st Place
Team Leader: Daniel Walters
School: Salisbury High School
Theme: Mailman
Film Title: “In Plain Sight”
2nd Place
Team Leader: Sam DeFrank
School: Salisbury High School
Theme: Stuffed Animals
Film Title: “All Alone”

3rd Place
Team Leader: Graham Burrell
School: Parkland High
Theme: Mailman
Film Title: The Delivery

4th Place
Team Leader: Laura Vigliotti
School: Emmaus High School
Theme: Under the Bed
Film Title: The Realm Underneath

Middle School (Final Scores)

1st Place
Team Leader: Klay Koehler
School: Eyer Middle School
Theme: Two Way Mirror
Film Title: “ The Mirror”
2nd Place
Team Leader: Rachel Scott
School: Homeschool
Theme: Haunted Dog
Film Title: “The Three Signs”
3rd Place
Team Leader: Jack Kitchen
School: Lower Macungie Middle School
Theme: Under the bed
Film Title: Sleep Tight

Special Awards

Acting editing and film direction award
Team Leader: Devon Walker
School: Emmaus High School
Theme: Sleeplessness
Film Title: “Half Awake”

Creativity and Originality award
Team Leader: Laura Vigliotti
School: Emmaus High School
Theme: Under the Bed
Film Title: “The Realm Underneath

Storytelling and use of materials award
Team Leader: Ryan Zimmerman
School: Emmaus High School
Theme: Emmaus Witch Project
Film Title: “Case No. 196

Best use of an animal in a stunt award
Team Leader: Luke Wilson
School: LMMS
Theme: Cats
Film Title: “Scardy Cat”

The 2013 Student Horror Film Festival Results!

The final scores for Middle School and High School.

Middle School Winner's

1st Place - Tea van Linde, Anika Stetz - A Visit From LuLu - Lower Macungie Middle School
2nd Place - Klay Koehler/Dylan Butz - The Chimes - Eyer Middle School
Creativity and Originality - Ailish Conway - PA Cyber School – Soul Canning
Emmaus Arts Award - Lily Day/May Day – Lower Macungie Middle School - Don’t Let the Scare Bear Bite

High School

1st Place - Graham Burrell - Parkland High School - The Dare
2nd Place - Pierce Campion/Kyle Reverie - Lehigh Valley Performing Arts
Best Use of Required Material - Doug Chrin - Joe’s Box  -Emmaus High School
Best Editing and Film Direction - Elliot Laubach, David Pickett, Drew Switzer - The Robinsons - Emmaus High School
Creativity and Originality - Andrew Gigler - The Meatloaf Messages  - Emmaus High School



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