• …local artist, looking for opportunities to share your talents or create programs that support and promote your fellow artists?
  • …self-described “dabbler” in the arts who wants to be more engaged in civics?
  • …appreciator of the arts who simply understands the value of the arts and how it enhances the economy of a community?
  • …motivated, creative individual who wants to launch a new art-related initiative or event in Emmaus and needs some support and guidance to do so?
  • …”maker” who wants to introduce your craft (pottery, photography, music, etc) to Emmaus?

If so, you would be a great candidate to be an arts commissioner for the EAC!

We are a special group of dedicated artists and art-appreciators who recognize the potential and power of the arts to transform our community, and we are in need of new members. Your commitment would be just one meeting a month at Borough Hall, plus any other support needs based on events throughout the year. We are always looking for new talent!

Contact us now to apply!