CHAIRity Art Auction

chairsThe Emmaus Arts Commission is excited to announce our newest fundraiser: The CHAIRity Art Auction. Throughout the summer of 2017, we are auctioning off 15 unique chairs -- all sourced from the local community and artistically re-interpreted by local artists. Chairs come in all shapes and sizes, so bid on one of these priceless works of art for your own home. 

Final bids will be accepted until 1:00pm on July 16 - at which point the Emmaus Arts Commission will announce the winners. All proceeds benefit the Emmaus Arts Commission.

In-between our market dates, keep an eye out in your favorite Emmaus businesses to see the chairs in person:

  • Emmaus Run Inn
  • Lets Play Books
  • Licensed 2 Grill
  • South Mountain Cycle & Cafe
  • Tangent Crafts
  • Turn The Page


Thank you for your interest in the Emmaus Arts Commission's CHAIRity Art Auction. To place a bid:
IN PERSON: The EAC is accepting bids on all 15 chairs at the Emmaus Farmer’s Market on June 18, July 2, and July 16. Final bids are accepted on July 16; winners announced at 1pm.

VIA TEXT: Text the chair number (see above) to 610-283-0127 to find out the current bid, after which you may place your own bid via text. You must provide your name, phone number, and email address to place a bid. Please keep in mind that all winners will be expected to pick up their chair in Emmaus on or after July 16.

  • Ellen Wilson #1
  • Lauren Kuhn #2
  • Catherine Hertzog #3
  • Tara Santoro #4
  • Angela Faidley #5
  • Nancy Hosler #6
  • Mary Weeks #7
  • Christine D'Emidio #8
  • Janelle Hamscher & David Blank #9
  • Nancy Bossert #10
  • Menendez Family #11
  • Patrick Connelly #12
  • Heather Harrington #13
  • Kaylee Kraft #14
  • Emily Yen #15

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