CHAIRity Art Auction

In the summer of 2017, the Emmaus Arts Commission rolled out our newest fundraiser, the CHAIRity Art Auction. The event auctioned off 15 unique chairs -- all sourced from the local community and artistically re-interpreted by local artists. Chairs came in all shapes and sizes -- from adirondack to child-sized chairs -- and members of our community were invited to bid on one of the priceless works of art for their own home throughout the summer. Bids were accepted at the Farmer's Market and via text. When the chairs weren't brought to the Farmers Market for active bidding and viewing by the Commission, chairs took up residence at the following local businesses: The Emmaus Run Inn, South Mountain Cycle, Emmaus Library, Laura's Custom Framing and Fine Art, Licensed 2 Grill, Let's Play Books, Tangent Crafts, 187 Rue Principale, Paint on Main, and Turn the Page. Final bidding occurred on July 16 - at which point the Emmaus Arts Commission  announced the winners, and the chairs went home with their new owners.

The Emmaus Arts Commission would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who was involved in the success of our 2017 CHAIRity Art Auction. This was the first time we rolled out this unique event (which was in lieu of our annual Rain Barrel Art Auction) so we were thrilled to see such a positive response from our Emmaus community. It truly was a community auction: from the commission planning it, to the community of artists involved in it, to the members of our community bidding in it. The auction brought in over 70 separate bids across the range of chairs, and the last day brought some real competitive bidding! We are excited to announce that we earned over $3000, proceeds which will be used by the Commission for future arts programming and installations in the Borough. 

We are so appreciative to the many individuals, companies and organizations who contributed to the success of the event, and we look forward to bringing even more unique events to Emmaus in the future. In 2018, another version on this event will be rolled out -- planning is still in process, but if you are an artist, a business owner, or a community member who wants to be involved, please reach out to us if you want to be involved!

  • Ellen Wilson #1
  • Lauren Kuhn #2
  • Catherine Hertzog #3
  • Tara Santoro #4
  • Angela Faidley #5
  • Nancy Hosler #6
  • Mary Weeks #7
  • Christine D'Emidio #8
  • Janelle Hamscher & David Blank #9
  • Nancy Bossert #10
  • Menendez Family #11
  • Patrick Connelly #12
  • Heather Harrington #13
  • Kaylee Kraft #14
  • Emily Yen #15

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